Our Mission

” Work with International Importers that have

the ability to import, warehouse, merchandise

and build your brands. “

 About Provisions International, Inc.

We started with this idea that we can help U.S. manufacturers and suppliers export build their brands overseas. Twenty years later, we’ve created a network of over 250 partners worldwide.

Our strategy was simple; we teamed up with local distributors who will buy, store, sell, and distribute your brands within their local markets. Our partners have a sales team ready to visit all classes of trade, building our business with trade promotions, placing POP material, merchandising, and conducting demos with our mutual brands. These distributor partners help us grow and build your brands.

When major retailers wish to buy direct, we visit and manage our retailers directly.  We can work with a retailer partner that will list your brand(s) and together promote your brands with the use of essential trade deals, feature advertising, and demos. They can place the product on the shelf, but they also need help to bring local consumers to their stores to try your brands. If they taste it, they will continually buy them.

The results have been extraordinary, as our team of veteran sales representatives has developed a vast network of distributors and retailer partners that are ready to review, distribute, and list your brands.

Our highly experienced and motivated support staff are well versed in international sales and marketing. And our veteran sales team has worked for many years in upper-level management positions for major multi-national companies, private equity firms, and privately held companies. We invite you to offer your brand(s) to our network of retail and distributors partners who are ready to review and enlist your brands. We understand your corporate needs. 

We invite you to hire Provisions International as your export division, and we will manage the daily complexities of your export business. We can also help reduce your operating cost so you can take these savings to use them for marketing and promotions so you can build your brands overseas.

” We started this idea to help small and medium sized companies team up with experienced Export Managers that can manage and build USA brands. We become your Export Division managed by professional staff with many years of export experience.”

We’ve been appointed by several major U.S. and International Manufacturers to exclusively represent, manage, build and expand their international business. 

The results have extraordinary, we developed a vast network of both distributor and retailer partners that are ready to review, distribute and list your brands.

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